Short Term Loans

Inexpensive Short Term Installment Loans for Financially Troubled People

Are you in critical need of quick cash? Have you lost your job and looking for a short-term Installment loan solution? Do you want to arrange funds for the birthday party of your darling daughter, but running out of budget? Oh! What a web of financial problems. Stop worrying about your money needs!

Just visit the website of Easy Cheap Loans and choose the best loan deal as per your needs.

We are a reliable lending company in the UK that offers the fastest, most accessible, and affordable short-term Installment loans with trouble-free repayment terms.

We do not believe in offering the same type of solution to all customers. Instead, we have designed our loan solutions as per the requirements of the customers.

Our interest charges are quite low as compare to our top-notch loan services.

Worried about the obligation part? No need for that

Why do you need to have collateral or guarantor to borrow a small amount for a short tenure? Now worried about the interest rates? Personalised pricing gives you no reasons to worry about the high rate quote. Installments fit your budget limits as repayment plans match to your repayment capacity.

Our concern is to take care of your financial worries. For that, it is necessary to consider your overall circumstances. You find no difference between what we commit and what we provide. Your economic well-being is our priority, and we have ways to ensure that you get it.

Reliable Short Term Installment Loans from Direct Lender in UK

Have you been through a terrible lending experience because of a fraud broker? Are you looking for short-term Installment loans from direct lenders in the UK? Let us clear your doubts. We are a responsible direct lender, so you can rely on us without having a single doubt.

You do not have to worry about any brokering or hidden charges. We are the committed direct lender to providing the best lending solutions at FREE of cost.

Here, the real concern is always on the financial well-being of the customers. To continue this objective, we have kept our interest rates lower than before. Our short-term loans in the UK are speedy as there is no brokering involved. You get the required loan amount within 24 hours of submitting your loan application online.

Guaranteed Short Term Loans with No Credit Check

Usually, poor credit customers run from one lender to another lender to get their loan approved. Traditional lenders do not take risks and hence disapprove their bad credit no guarantor loan applications. These individuals are desperate to have a quick solution. Now, this is where we are different from other providers of the loans and bring loan offers on personalized features.

We offer assured guaranteed short term Installment loans with no credit check claim at no EXTRA COST — no more fear from search footprint of credit score perusal. Whether your credit history is zero or poor or excellent, you fill a common online form to get instant approval and hence avail the quickest loan ever. And, it becomes possible because we follow the no credit check policy where the credit background is not considered while approving the loan applications. Bad credit is a temporary problem, and we believe the borrowers will rectify through a quick solution.

Double Benefit – Borrow Funds And Improve Credit Rating

With us, you can apply and avail funds despite a bad credit but can also upgrade your credit score performance. How? Simple! As our loans have the feature of customised pricing, the installments always fit your pocket. You can quickly repay the loan on time and then can experience a promising boost in your credit rating. Not a bad deal!! Right?

By the way, another good news, if your bad credit rating is not consistent, you can expect better relaxation in the interest rates. Our loans also represent specialised lending that helps borrowers come out from specific problems. For sure, a poor credit rating is a huge issue, and we aim to help you as much as possible.

Short Term Business Loans for Unemployed

Self-sufficiency is the best prevention from the insecurities of job loss. If you ever face the financial turmoil due to unemployment, we can help you stand again and start your own business. Get short-term business loans for unemployed and establish your identity. Yes, you might be thinking that without any income how you can qualify for this loan. Do not worry, we can trust you with your new financial status and salary slips from the last job. Just prove the repayment capacity and get a smooth approval.

We understand the plight of unemployed people in the UK and their desire to establish their own business. We offer a loan on the nominal interest rates and acceptable repayment plans.

During the no job days, availing funds from the typical lenders is difficult. But at Easy Cheap Loans, you get a short-term loan for unemployed in a simple manner. You do not need to collateral your asset or go through any credit-screening step. Just fill the required loan amount and some necessary information on our site regarding whether you want to cover up the initial expenses or want to expand the infrastructure of your existing business. We will get back to you with the fastest approval and direct money transfer into your account.

Top Reasons to Choose Easy Cheap Loans

Facts are rational and here are some practical purposes of choosing us. We give a reason for everything we do; even our existence has a motive. Have a look at the points below and find actual causes to bring us in your list of choices.

  • The online process with no paperwork or faxing
  • Fastest approvals
  • Timely disbursement of funds
  • Guaranteed loans with no guarantor required
  • Bad credit history is welcome
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Customised small-term loans
  • Direct lending service
  • Your information is safe and secure
  • No extra fee or hidden charges or any upfront fee
  • Cheap interest rates
  • No credit screening
  • No prepayment fee
  • A team of competent loan professionals
  • Seasonal offers and discounted rates on festivals
  • No annoying phone calls

Financial constraints may pause to your progress, but they do not end it! Avail our easy loans and get instant peace of mind.

With us, you can always dream big as we take care of the financial backing. Beyond your credit score status and employment status, our loans provide you protection against any mess of money. Procedures are simple and fast, and 100% online process takes nothing but a few minutes to complete same day loans disbursal. By the way, we are round the clock available, and you do not need to worry about the time and day and night. Apply anytime, any day (even on bank holidays), and we are sure to reply to you.

FAQs for Short Term Loans

What is the Difference between Payday Loans and Short Term Loans?

The payday loan is a small term loan and borrowers can avail it on the unsecured feature. The rates of interest may be high, but the real benefit lies in the repayment, which the borrower can make on the next payday. In contrast, one can say that payday loan is the part of the short term loan, but the repayment may vary from two to twelve months.

What is the Period of Short Term Loan?

The period of short-term loan may vary from one lender to another, but generally, it offers from one year to three years. With Easy Cheap Loans, you can pick the tenure that suits your financial capacity, as we are flexible to facilitate borrower-friendly funding. Our only concern is your repayment capacity. If that is strong, even the maximum possible tenure is not impossible to offer with your deal.

What to consider as a Short Term Loan?

A short term loan is that sort of small funding source where the borrowed amount (minimum £100 and maximum can vary) paid back within a short period. This period never goes beyond three years. Varied lenders have different policies on this. Some may offer only a one-year short-term loan while others may provide from 2 years to a maximum of three years. Their capacity to take the risk on a borrower decides the tenure.

What is the Term Loan and Types of Term Loan?

A Term Loan represents that sort of lending where the borrowers get a specific amount for a particular repayment term, and that would be on fixed or flexible interest rates. In general, there are two types of term loans:-

  • Short Term Loan (from 1 year to 3 years)
  • Long Term Loan (from 3 years to 25 or more years)
Where to use Short Term Loan?

The short term loan are used for any urgent financial purposes such as –

  • Car repairing
  • Home renovation
  • Wedding expenses
  • Holiday costs
  • University fees
  • Paying rent and many more.

Any small financial need can be satisfied with short-term loans. Usually, the circumstances that put an extra and unexpected burden on the monthly budget can find relief through these loans.

What is Short Term Borrowing?

Short-term borrowing defines the small-term need for a small amount of money repaid in several instalments. The loan duration in short-term financing is from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 3 years. These loans have the best use in the condition of a financial emergency. When there is no backup, you can get these funds online without any delay in procedures.

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