Debt Consolidation Loans


The loans for people on benefits are not the new concept in the UK. The term is used to fund the people who are poor, unemployed and not financially stable so that they can live with no worries at all.

In the financial marketplace, not many lenders are there providing loans to these people because they are already receiving benefits in the form of funding, home, health, child or unemployment from the government. Simultaneously, it has been found that these benefits are not enough to tackle every financial need and desire.

The growing numbers of people in these sections have developed a further requirement from them to secure loans on benefits from direct lenders. Now, these individuals have the comfort of borrowing amount from £1000 to £7000.

We also have personalised deals on these loans, which have the following features:

No Collateral: You do not need to put any asset as the loan collateral, as we are offering them as the unsecured loans.

Less documentation: The application system is 100% online, and thus, you do not need to submit too many papers alongside the e-loan request.

Competitive interest rates: Our loan interest rates are very competitive and flexible than other private lenders in the UK.

Borrow for any purpose: We give you the liberty to borrow funds for any financial purpose like starting a new project, renovation, filling the financial gap while purchasing a new home. There is a mandatory requirement to use that amount taken.

We bring many such features on these loans on benefits, and you will not have any problem in fulfilling the qualifying conditions like you must be at least 18 years old, having a valid bank account, and proof of income (part-time is accepted).


As we are the online lender in the UK, we invite loan applications based on digital mode. You must have an internet connection either in your PC or Smartphone to apply on our website. Afterwards, please fill out the application form with mandatory details and submit it to be eligible for same-day loans on benefits.

We acknowledge your loan application in a few minutes
Your submitted loan application has now reached to us. Our representative quickly reviews all the details mentioned in the form and do not delay the approval process. Within 15 minutes, the loan approval message comes to your phone.

Subsequent fund transfer
Once the loan is approved, we straightway release the funds to your bank account, and now you can use the amount to accomplish your financial requirements.

Make repayments comfortably
We have the easy-to-repay option on our every product. You have the choices either to pay weekly loans on benefits or to month wise. You can decide according to your current financial capacity.


In the UK, there are almost 60% of people living on benefits and the reason may vary. We are the responsible direct lender and feel our duty to bring specialised loan products for them. These are:

Small Term Loans

Yes, we are ready to offer short-term loans on benefits on the following advantages:

  • Instant loan approval
  • No credit score check
  • Improving credit ratings

Logbook Loans

Are you ready to put your car as the loan collateral to borrow the substantial amount? Apply for our logbook loans on benefits on these attributes:

  • Low-interest rates
  • Large sum to borrow
  • No co-signer is needed

Payday Loans for Unemployed

We have been quite advanced to help jobless people financially. These payday loans on benefits allow them to borrow on their part-time income.

  • Convenient repayments on next salary day
  • No guarantor and no broker
  • Borrow up to 6 months

Loans for Single Mother

We take care of everyone’s finances. As a part of this, we have an exclusive deal on loans for single mums on benefits in the UK.

  • Discounted interest rates
  • Part-time income is accepted
  • Cash-at-door loan facility


When we say that we are available for everyone, we live for it at any cost. The bespoke offers on loans for poor credit on benefits already have favoured many people in fulfilling their financial needs irrespective of their credit scores.

You may have some questions in mind how these loans are made possible. We have answered them here:

How the approval comes despite bad credit?
We accept your income status as the approval base rather than your credit score. It is why your income becomes the decisive factor.

Should you know your credit score before applying?
Knowing the credit score is a good process, but we have not made it mandatory. Our loans come with no credit check feature that keeps your score safe and secure.

Is providing a guarantor’s signature necessary?
Not at all. You can apply for our loans for bad credit with no guarantor despite living on benefits. As said earlier, we consider your income status for loan approval.


Most of the lenders have the desire to approve the loan applications, but they are extra cautious when they doubt the borrowers’ repaying capacity. Thus, the denial of loan application becomes the destiny of these borrowers. EasyCheapLoan thinks one step ahead and committed to offering guaranteed loans for people on benefits with no upfront fees at all.

We often serve borrowers with a customised instant quote. It creates an opportunity for you to select which deal matches your capacity without affecting your credit score.

Our flexible lending approach brings the high approval rate than other lenders are unable to do. You do not need any broker; we are the direct lender and put you at the core of our business.

We chose the name of ‘EasyCheapLoan’ to communicate easy lending on cheap rates. Apply now for loans for ppl on benefits and make every day hassle-free.


How long does it take to get a loan on benefits?

It would take hardly a few minutes to get the loan approval if you have applied from the direct lender. Indeed, it is only the lending platform where instant funding access is possible without putting too many efforts in the procedure.

Suppose you have applied 10:00 am, you will get approval at 10:15 am, and the funds get transferred till 11:15 am.

What are the alternatives to bad credit loans for people on benefits?

Many lending alternatives are there for the people with bad credit and living on benefits. Some of them are:

  • No Guarantor Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

Can you get a loan if you are on unemployment?

There is no doubt that your being unemployed can apply for a loan or not. You can apply and may easily qualify for almost every sort of loan deal. However, you should be working as the part-time employee to ensure the on-time repayments from those extra earnings.

Can I get a Crisis Loan if I’m not on benefits?

Yes, you can qualify for the crisis loan if you are not gaining any benefits. In such a case, you have to keep your employment alive, either full-time or part-time. It requires because the lender wants an assurance of regular repayments.

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