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Enjoy the Time Away from Work with Holiday Loans

The holidays are the perfect time to create everlasting memories with family and friends. You need the time from the stressful daily-life to sit back and relax for a change. Besides, there is no end to the problems we encounter regularly.

However, the limited budget can be a huge let down to the perfect holiday plans of yours. There are numerous expenses from hotels to travel that require a great deal of money. Even the house parties at home during the holidays can take the estimate to at least hundreds of pounds.

Private lenders across the UK offer holiday loans for bad credit to the borrowers to cover these expenses. The terms are created to suit the short-term borrowers looking to manage the costs during the holidays and vacations. You can expect leniency in the eligibility over the stricter personal loans.

The interest rates are kept a little higher than the traditional loans. But the added benefits like instant decisions, faster fund disbursal, and flexible repayment plan makes it an ideal option. People with a bad credit rating can still have the loan as there is no hard enquiry on credit history.

Why Take Holiday loans?

As the name suggests, holiday loans are meant for people struggling to cover their finances during their time off work. Following are the significant reasons why borrowers take a holiday loan–

  • Travelling Solo

You need some time alone to explore the inside and outside world with a solo-trip. It is one relaxing solution for the overwhelming stress of professional life. There are endless destinations around the world ideal for the solo-travellers.

  • A Family Vacation

A family should spend some quality time together to strengthen the bond between them further. And there is no better option than a family vacation during the holidays. Holiday loans in the UK can cover every cost of a grand family trip.

  • Home Renovation

People wait for the holidays to renovate their home and offices. It is time you can pay attention to every detail to ensure a quality job is done on the renovation. Also, you can save some serious money since there will be enough time to shop around.

  • Repair and Replacement

Holidays may bring some uninvited repairs of the home appliances, car, and garden equipment. You cannot live with these broken items since they can disrupt your daily life. Take holiday loans with no credit check if the cost is too much to bear from the emergency fund.

  • Wedding and Other Celebration

People plan their weddings and other celebrations during the holidays to make them even more special. These events are home to numerous disasters that can drain you financially. A wise decision here is to make sure you have a backup to manage the unexpected expenses.

Bad Credits Will Not Impact Your Eligibility

People with a bad credit history are not the favourites of the lenders in any part of the world. They face a lot of difficulties trying to convince the banks and financial institutions of their repaying ability. This is not the case when we speak of holiday loans from direct lenders.

Unlike the banks’ stringent credit check policies, we offer loans to people with a bad credit history. The borrower has to convince our representatives of the repayment plan. It is recommended to have a regular source of income to get guaranteed approval on the loans.

Your current finances give a clearer picture of your repaying ability than some years old missed payments. Make sure you come clean about all the liabilities and debts to the representatives. We don’t want you to stack another debt on the already piled list of liabilities.

What are the Repayment Options?

One additional benefit of bad credit holiday loans is flexible repayment options. You are allowed to choose a repayment plan based on your preference. Following are the details of the repayment options offered at EasyCheapLoans –

  • Payday Holiday loans

You can take a very short term loan for the holidays and repay it on the day your paycheque arrives. The interest rates are comparatively higher since the tenure is kept short. However, the overall cost of the loan is significantly lower when compared to long-term loans.

  • Date of Repayment

Borrowers have the option to choose the date of repayment based on their preference. This reduces the chance of missed payment if the paycheque is a little late in the following month. Also, a single date for every payment will simplify the payment schedule for the borrowers.

  • Tenure Extension

You don’t have to take another loan to increase the tenure of the current loan. We provide the tenure extension and payment holidays on loan with a simple application process. It is a little support offered by us during your tough financial times.

Is it a Good Idea to Take Loan for Travel?

It is always recommended to have savings to spend on the holidays. But there are times in life when we plan for a vacation month or a year in advance. You cannot cancel the plan as it might hurt the relations and your finances.

This is where cheap holiday loans become a solution rather than just a new liability. You don’t have to think of it as a stress on the finances as your next paycheque can pay it. Therefore, holiday loans can save you the money you put on bookings for hotel, travel, and other services.

The sudden travel plans are also financially facilitated by a loan for holidays. The overwhelming stress of personal or professional life requires us to take such rapid decisions on plans. All you need to do is pack your stuff, apply for the loan, and the amount will be transferred within the next few minutes.

Reasons to Choose EasyCheapLoans

You will find many private lenders that offer holiday loans in the UK to the borrowers. But some points make us one of the best in the business of short-term and long-term loans.

  • Simple Process

The online process ensures the borrowers don’t have to waste hours to get the fund. To apply for the loan, submit your details on the application form and wait for the approval.

  • Instant Decision

It takes only a few minutes to fill the form and almost the same amount of time for us to approve. Within an hour or two, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

  • Customer Service

Financial services require thorough guidance in every stage to make sure the borrowers do not lose money over a miscommunication. Our representative will clear any doubt you have regarding the whole process.

Apply for Holiday Loans now and make the best use of your time away from work.

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