How To Write A Business Case

Business does not grow when things are easy; it expands when it faces challenges. It is the reason; obstacles are a standard part of a successful firm. But, many young entrepreneurs fail to understand it, and left the dream in a midway.

Though, if someone new to this business world faces funding issues, then they can use options, like Installment loans in the UK or rely on investors. Conversely, it depends on the current situations which funding option you will select.

If we talk about the challenges, then you cannot cope up with the money. It needs proper planning and strategy, and it is the reason “Business Case” comes to rescue you. 

What Is The Business Case? 

It is the verbal or hand-written suggestion that is used to convince the decision-making team to take action against the problem. This advice applies to the small as well as most financial and growth decisions.

For example, 

Suppose you are running a restaurant, and you noticed something hard to digest. You saw that selling on Sunday does not make sufficient money to run the overall cost. Now, what will you do? You can reduce the open time of the restaurant. 

Doing this can help to reduce the utility cost, and managing the customer would be easy. With such a small step, you are managing the problem without affecting the other part. 

Performing similar things is a part of the business case. Let’s learn more about it, and how you can make the effective one to deal with a business problem. 

Things You Should Include While Making the Business Case

Six necessary materials can help you to create a workable business case. 

  • Managerial summary
  • The Trouble statement
  • Study of the statement
  • Alternative
  • Outlay benefit analysis
  • Scheme proposal

Let’s understand them in detail.

Managerial Summary 

In this, you have to provide the steps of how to solve the problem. It includes:

  • Possible solutions 
  • Desired output 
  • A requirement of resources 

You can better call this, a strategy to manage the problem. It will direct you to initiate the process to remove the problem. The main challenge that you may face during the managerial summary is that “execute timing”. 

The plan should not create in such a manner that it will take a long time to execute. 

The Troubling Statement 

Once you collect all the relevant solutions to manage the issues, now, you have to find out the basic things that may affect the business in the future.

It may happen that you overall the outcome of the decision. And it is the reason that the trouble statement is put on the second so that analysing becoming easy without making any mistake. 

Study of the Statement 

In this section, you have to find out the roots of the problem, like:

  • Where does it start?
  • How management team missed it before it affects the business?

Many more such questions throw at the team. Once the members identify the statement, then they move to the next part.


It may happen that a solution is not cost-effective. To deal with such a situation, the different solutions introduced by the team.

You can consider it as a backup plan. If the applied method gets fail, then the team can utilise the alternative one.

This step plays a crucial role, too, because it remains a company away from any adverse consequences. So do not forget to include this part in the business case. 

Outlay Benefit Analysis 

Divide all the potential outcomes, and see how effectively you can utilise the funds. Not all options will satisfy the pocket; here, you have to divide them. Make sure to read every part of the outcome, and it is the reason, this step is known outlay benefit analysis. 

Scheme Proposal

It is the last step of the business case. In this, you have to execute the plan that your team has created so far. This essential step will decide the future of your company or the outcome of the process. If you fail to get the expected result, then analyse the step that you follow before it. 

Now, let’s have a look at the benefit of the business case. 

Advantages of the Business Case

Business can receive five significant benefits: 

  • Offer accurate planning 
  • Optimise the value of money 
  • Commercially viable 
  • Affordable within available funds 
  • Successfully delivered 

No doubt, the above points show how compelling the business case is. Though it requires proper planning and time, once you create it, getting a fruitful result is confirmed. So, what brings to a standstill, go and choose this method to find the best plan to manage the problem effectively. 

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