Different People Different Financial Personality: Know Yours

It is true that each and every one of us has our own persona that makes us somehow different from others. And we all have our own ways to deal with life and the same goes for our financial matters.  Yes, you heard it right! When it comes to finances, each and every one of us handles it differently.

There are some people who have plenty of money in their pocket but still, they think twice before spending a penny. Also, there are people who even after going for a world tour seems to do just fine. And there are people who are a complete addicted to the word “shopping” and spend his/her most of the income in buying numerous stuff. Well, you see here a pattern! Every people have their own ways of spending and saving. Here, in this blog, we will be throwing some light on the financial personality of such type of people. Follow closely as you might be one of them too.

People personality according to their finance preference

1. let me maintain my lifestyle

Well, we all have that friend in the group who like to spend most of his money on buying gadgets, clothes and other luxurious items. These people really don’t have a clue what is actually saving?  People of this personality types give attention only to fashion, beauty, and recreation. “Got the salary to visit the store” this is the motto of people who only focus on maintaining their lifestyle.  They would even go for installment loans to buy their product and they will not hesitate in paying the debt later.

2. I spend only on what I really need

The majority of the people are like this, spending only when it is required and saving when needed. Generally, such type of people hardly faces any crisis as they mostly like to keep themselves financially balanced. They won’t go and check every mall of the city to see the newest things on things in the market. They like to keep themselves reserved and spend only on the necessities.

3. Saving is my priority & spending I don’t like

Well, what to say? These people really know how to save and you can throw them a challenge to manage their whole expenses with only their one-third of the salary. To your surprise, they will even manage to save from that little amount as well. There is no need to laugh! Like mentioned above, everyone has their own ways of spending. Instead of making extravagant purchases, they focus on the long-term goal and try to save as much as possible.

4. I don’t know how much I have on my account

Some are just sleepyheads who just use the money according to their requirement. They don’t desperately check their account twice a day and most probably have no idea what’s going on in their bank account. They don’t put much effort in savings but they are also not a great fan of overspending either. Anyhow, they just like to keep the things running as it is. During an urgent need, they would prefer to go for bad credit loans with no guarantor rather than checking their bank balance.

5. spur-of-the-moment spender

Generally, such people don’t spend much but if in case, their closed arrives at the doorstep asking to try the newest restaurant opened in the city, then they will choose the restaurant over savings. Well, the context here is that such a person knows how to spend less but during any spontaneous demand, they go with the flow and spend as much as they want.

6. The let me calculate the total cost first

This is also the type of people who try to keep their spending to a minimum or at least will ensure that they have gotten the best deal. They can around every shop in the city to get a product but bargaining is something that they want in their favor. You will definitely be seeing them on the section of the mall where the sales are going on. They always tend to buy things at the lowest price and often they end up getting a cheap product that is not that very good in terms of quality.

Wrapping up, these were some of the most common financial personalities that people have. Each and every one of these has their own ways of handling the finances. But in the end, the one who can find the balance between his/her expenses and savings is the ideal spender. 

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