4 Tips to Grow Faster Every Year in Financial Life

Do not hesitate in accepting that money is the first love of many in fact all. From personal relations to professional reasons, nothing can exist without money. You make financial goals, some are big and long-term while some are small and short-term. Whatever is the size, whatever is the duration of a goal, the ultimate goal is to grow more, more and more to earn prosperity. Just like you wait for a big festival every year, the same desire intensely reflects in financial life. Like everyone else, you want to have a big bank balance.

The heart is never ready to get satisfied and with every passing year, it wants to see the bigger figure of currency. But, that is not going to happen on its own and also in one night. A complete strategy is required for that

Here are some ways that can help you get better in financial life every year.

  • Track your spending, savings, investments

To keep growing in something, you need to take an overall look at the related factors. If the dream is to grow in finances, it is necessary to keep monitoring the three important aspects at regular intervals. Yes, 1. spending, 2. savings and 3. investments.

The first one is necessary to control the wrong habit of spending money. Also, to keep the due balance of income-outgoing, a record of expenses is necessary to keep. The second point of ‘savings’ demands attention to have a back-up plan for emergency situations. Last but not least, the third one is of investments to secure a better future. Set targets for the three aspects and keep monitoring them to see if you are really achieving them or not.

  • Keep paying off debts by making big part payments

Sometimes to get stable, you have to spend big amounts. For instance – loans are important parts of financial lives nowadays. If you have multiple debts in the form of a loan, try to pay them off as soon as possible. If you cannot pay the whole debt then make big part payments. This has a long-term benefit. Longer loan tenure means you will pay more interest rates. Why not pay off the funds before the tenure ends and save on interest rates. The other way to save on this aspect is to take loans with fixed interest rates. For instance – an Unsecured personal loan is a nice choice to borrow funds with a fixed instalment and % of the rate.

  • Switch job with better annual increment policies

If you are employed, your employer should be liberal in the increment policies. However, this demands an equal dedication from your side. With promising yearly increments, you can easily generate more income without extra efforts. Few companies even give hike in every 6 months, if you can find any such job, it can be greatly beneficial for your personal finances.

However, make sure that you do not switch jobs just in the greed of increased salary every six months or 12 months. First of all, scrutinise the compatibility of job responsibilities to your current skills. Second, do not try your hands in a new field just for the greed of money. This can be destructive. Last but not least, there is no need to change the job every year for this purpose. Just find one suitable job that can help you grow your income yearly.

  • For self-employed – Expand a bit every year

Not all are employed, there are many out there who love to be their own boss. Are you among them? Then this idea can help add a promising amount of pennies in the annual turnover. Expansion can be done in two ways. Either you expand to new cities and states or you expand to a new branch in the same city. Both are fine if earning opportunities are getting better.

Before the expansion, stay extremely calculative. A decision taken in haste is never correct for your future. Explore the possibilities, measure the challenges and threats before taking the final decision. A good businessperson never gets derailed from the track of logic, no matter how a situation looks tempting.

The ultimate message is that whatever financial decision you make. Whether it is about taking short term loans, or investing money, just look at its long-term impact. A person who can see the future will surely grow yearly.

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